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Because you asked. This is on Right to work
state. Does it effect exclusive contracts with
talent agencies. Their are 22 Right to Work
States in The United States.  
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What is the Media saying about Lenz Talent  July 2011

Let’s start with an example of when a good manager is not only
helpful, but required.  For new (mid-teens) fashion models who have
aspirations of working at national or international levels, it’s pretty
much impossible to get there without a manager.  In Las Vegas, the
clearest example of how all this works is through Lenz Talent:  http:
//  They are a licensed agency, providing booking
services to a wide range of model and talent types.  But for fashion
models they work with The Network, which supplements the
capabilities of Lenz in providing a wide range of model development,
guidance and placement services.  Managers don’t book jobs, they
prepare a model for market and then get her with agencies which do
book jobs.

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